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Haunting Images That Will Put Pompeii On Your Bucket List

One of the intrinsic benefits of luxury travel is getting to wander off the main tourist path and visit places that can are stimulating from an intellectual point of view. The ancient city of Pompeii on Italy’s west coast is just such a place. It experienced a catastrophic ending, and within 1 day, it was completely buried for the next 2,000 years. Today, it can be visited on foot thanks to over a century of archaeological excavations. After reading her story, I encourage you to add Pompeii to your bucket list.

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ASWAN EGYPT: The Ultimate Travel Guide

The name Aswan may conger images of a pharaonically immense dam project from the 60’s. Or maybe you are trying to remember whodunit aboard Agatha Christie’s “Death on the Nile” river cruise boat. Or perhaps you may have never heard of it at all. 

The city of Aswan lies at the far southern end of

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How Much Time Should You Spend in Florence?

I know that people have time limits when traveling, and they want to see more than one single place. But Florence is quite different than most other places because of what I will tell you in 4 short paragraphs.

If I had a limited vacation and was flying across the world, I would spend no less than 3–4 days, bare minimum. You see, 4 years ago, I spent 2.5 months in Florence, and since then I have learned about more places that I wish I could have seen. The longer you stay, the deeper you can go. But of course, this is true of every place to which you will travel. Or is it?

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Egyptian Archaeologists Dig Up Mounds of Ancient Treasures

October 6, 2016
For Immediate Release
by Patty Civalleri

Archaic Roman Winery, Baths, a New Prayer Temple, and the King Tut Debate

Santa Ana, Ca – Egyptian Archeologists Dr. Mostafa Waziri and Salah Elmasekh will visit Southern California this month to reveal the latest important archaeological discoveries in a public forum to be held at the Bowers Museum on October 23rd. Included in the topics will be the recently-unearthed ancient Roman winery and baths, a new prayer temple, the Avenue of Sphinxes, and current news about the search for Queen Nefertiti behind King Tut’s tomb.

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6 Steps of Time Traveling

People love to travel. There is something inherent in our wiring that titillates our curiosity about that grass which grows on that other side of the fence. Does its lushness make us dream of living over there? Are there more flowers among those blades than there are on our side of the fence? Does it get more -or less- sunshine? Can it justify my decision to continue to live where I do?

For over 15 years, I have had the pleasure of traveling around the globe with some of the best scientific and historical minds in the world. Together, we have visited the tiny nooks and crannies left vacant long ago by people of our ancient past. And with them, I have traveled not just globally, but through time.

Yup, time travel.

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The Road to Literary Awareness

Everyone knows the rules. There are thousands of books and website, blogs and tweets about how to get your first book published. All of the rules are the same:

  1. Research the Agents who work in your genre
  2. Formulate a Query Letter and an Intro. The Query must be no more than 500 words, and it must contain 3 paragraphs:

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FLORENCE: Finding Verrocchio

Andrea del Verrocchio ~ Master of the Masters

Goldsmith, painter, sculptor

Born Andrea di Michele di Francesco de’ Cioni, he was trained under a master goldsmith, Giuliano Verrocchio, from whom Andrea took the name, which translates to “true eyes.” He grew up with Lorenzo d’Medici as a close friend. Although a bachelor for life, he lived with and supported his sister and her children.

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Peru: The Lost MOCHE Civilization – pt 1

When you get the call, it is difficult to say ‘no’.

“Hey Patty, are you available to disappear for a couple of weeks into Peru?”

“Sure,” I replied. “But we’ve been there already, so why are we going again?”

“We know you’ve already experienced the touristy side of Peru when you went to the Alta Plano, Cuzco, Lima and Macchu Pichu. This time we’re going to Peru’s northern coastal region. We’re going to explore some incredible sites that were once occupied by the ancient and enigmatic lost Moche civilization.”

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Oh the Places I’ve Seen

I am a lucky girl!

My life has presented me with many opportunities to travel, and I have taken full advantage of those opportunities. An unexpected souvenir that traveling gives you (whether you like it or not) is the gift of big-picture (cinematic, even) perspective. The ability to contrast, analyze, balance, measure, juxtapose, observe and ponder. And if our nature allows us not to be judgemental, we can glean a further depth of knowledge that can only be derived from objectivity.

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Today I Received My First Literary Rejection

Getting a book published for the first time is not for the anemic.

For the trillionth time, I find myself sitting at my desk, stuck. With an extensive list of to-do’s arranged by alphabet, category, and time allotted for completion, one would think that it would be difficult for a person to get stuck.

But stuck I am.

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City of Florence Italy
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A Fine Buongiorno – pt 2

Knowing that I was going to be in Florence for 3 months was exciting. I wasn’t staying in a hotel with all of the usual amenities and services. I had rented a little apartment in a local neighborhood called San Frediano. There aren’t any tourists here – mostly just locals. Perfect.  Because I wanted to get as close to living an Italian girl as I could. And living in a hotel wasn’t going to do that for me.

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The ABABDA: A Vanishing Culture

The California Science Center, already well-known for their creative and inspiring collection of Brain Food, recently sponsored the Cleopatra Exhibit in 2013. Throughout the afternoon, I  sported memories of footprints in the Sahara sand, the shape of the Queen’s Chamber in the Great Pyramid, and watching as my son started at the top of a huge dune and rolled a quarter-mile down – almost swiftly into the Nile!

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