September 27, 2017

Our Thirst for Micro Content

In the 1950’s “Cliff Notes” became available by Cliff Hillegass to give students a quick-and-easy way to get familiarized with a book or topic. In the early 1990’s “DOS for Dummies” burst onto the scene to fill a much-needed gap in consumer-friendly materials for up-and-coming programmers. Its expansion into a wide variety of topics catapulted the concept into the mainstream’s go-to vehicle for easy learning on a moment’s notice.

Today, the cacophony of attention-getting mediums and media has fragmented our attention span into an exercise of distracting glances into newer and finer directions. We more often than ever, find ourselves forgetting why we entered a room because of the myriad of diversions that called to us on our way into that room. (It’s not just about getting older anymore!)

However, our thirst for knowledge hasn’t slacked by any means. We still delight in the moments when we can acknowledge that we have just learned something new. The problem is that as much as our attention is demanded on a daily basis, there are still a mere 24 hours in a day.

Enter: “Micro-Content.”

The coagulation of a thought into 140 characters has been perfected by Twitter. Globally, the masses have become so accustomed to the miniaturization of gray-matter-output that they have lost the patience for verbosity at every level. From educational materials in our schools to the materials  presented in a corporate PowerPoint presentation to the input-and-run Social Media environs.

And still, we continue to find new things that will spark the proverbial light bulb. Whether it’s a new hobby, a new career direction, or simply understanding our travel destinations, our appetites seem impossible to slake.

The concept of “Micro Content” is more appealing now than ever. But it no longer means the absorption of abbreviated writings. Good micro-content will utilize your other senses to assist in the absorption process. High-quality visuals are a MUST as our optical senses ingest information at a level that is much deeper than reading alone can provide. 

Our upcoming series of fun travel books will quench the public thirst for easy visual learning, and it will slake our newer generations’ hunger for micro-content.


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