September 27, 2017

Oh the Places I’ve Seen

I am a lucky girl!

My life has presented me with many opportunities to travel, and I have taken full advantage of those opportunities. An unexpected souvenir that traveling gives you (whether you like it or not) is the gift of big-picture (cinematic, even) perspective. The ability to contrast, analyze, balance, measure, juxtapose, observe and ponder. And if our nature allows us not to be judgemental, we can glean a further depth of knowledge that can only be derived from objectivity.Adding to these experiences are delightful, insightful and truly captivating – and at times, even funny – people that I have had the honor with which to wander. Besides my friends, my neighbors and some of the most brilliant archaeologists in the world of academia today, I have had the pleasure of traveling with my husband, and whenever possible, our son.

I have written, photographed and wine-tasted my way and around the globe. I am a photographer with an eye on the contextual soul of every place I visit. As a writer, I have kept journals of these adventures so that I would never forget. Some day when my memory fades and my world begins to diminish, I will be able to go back in time and place to re-experience those exquisite odysseys – even if only within the velvet corners my aged mind.

I am a lucky girl!

Starting with my most recent escapades, here are some of my most memorable journeys that have scratched that itchy sense of wanderlust. So “Cheers” to my persistent rash!

Ecuador & the Galapagos Islands

  • The Lucky Albatross – until someone killed it! (“The Rime of the Ancient Mariner”)
  • Screaming Frigates     —>
  • Blue, Red, & Brown-footed Boobies
  • Tortoises the size of Volks Wagons?


  • The Moche Culture of the Northern Pacific Coast
  • Pyramids, Sacrifice, Sarcophagi, Mummies & Gold
  • The Biggest Mosaic of History
  • Finding Backward Money –>


  • a Free-wheeling 3 months
  • Captivated by the Medici
  • A Simpler Renaissance, Please


  • The “Newly Discovered Mayan Caves” shoot
  • A Month in the Dirt

Desolation Sound, British Columbia, Canada

  • A Boater’s Bliss
  • What Desolate really means

Egypt: Eastern Sahara

  • Spending a Night in a Cement Factory
  • The Ababda: the End of a 1000-year-old Culture –>

Costa Rica

  • The Active Volcano that Stopped
  • Tropical Jungles & Hidden Jaguars

Sea of Cortez

  • “Tagging” Whale Sharks
  • Castaway in the Mexican Desert

4 Corners, USA

  • Shadows in Chevelon
  • Forgotten Canyon de Chelly
  • Anasazi Ritual Rooms –>


  • Sailing the Etereal Dalmatian Coastline
  • War-torn & Happy Dubrovnik


  • Kent University on the Amazon
  • Things that Bug Us Among Us!
  • The Banana Man

Chili: Easter Island

  • Monumental Moai –>
  • Breaking an Eco System

Mexico City

  • 3 Dudes in Teotihuacan & Chipultapec
  • Templo Mayor: the Mammoth Pyramid

Copper Canyon, Mexico

  • Tarahumara = Fast Feet
  • Shooting a Mile High

Chile: Santiago & Patagonia

  • High Tech? Who Knew>
  • The Weather vs Television


  • Fences of the Ancient Graveyards
  • Discovering an undersea City
  • The REAL Birth of the Renaissance?

Midriff Islands

  • Sailing with the Strands


  • Vesuvius Pummels Pompeii
  • Amalfi – Vertical & Vivid

Little Lake, California

  • Tales in Rock Art


  • Birth of the Ancient Inca
  • Lake Titicaca’s Isla del Sol
  • Macchu Pichu

US -> British Columbia -> Alaska

  • Sailing the Inland Waterways


  • A study of Terra Cotta
  • The Crane: China’s National pre-Olympic Bird


  • 15 Night on the Nile
  • El Fayyum – Greco Roman Ruins

American Southwest

  • Footsteps of the Anasazi
  • Hanging from Mesa Verde


  • Cinotes: Swimming Underground


  • Loire Valley
  • Napoleon’s escape route thru the Alps
  • First Sight of Italy


  • 3am in Red Square
  • Learning from a Museum Curator to Drink Vodka like a Russian
  • Finding the perfect Heart-shaped Pizza


  • Exploring one of the oldest inhabited caves in the world
  • An Expedition in a Russian Military Transport Vehicle
  • Marriott in Yerevan?

Wow… I am a lucky girl!



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