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Ciao a tutti (Hello everyone), My name is Patty Civalleri, author of Italy Travel Books. This month, I am offering my popular FunBooks free for you to print yourself. I do this with the hopes that you will purchase or recommend my Travel Books to your traveling friends and clients. In the meantime, enjoy your new FunBooks!

Thank you, and happy travels!

FREE FunBooks...

We have put together these great FunBooks to enhance your visit to Italy. While you are on the plane, hanging out in your hotel, or enjoying a gelato, you will continue to learn about the city in a way that can be enjoyed by your whole family.

Nowhere else can you get these for free!

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    For Grownups:  These books contain goodies for high-school grads through PhD's. There is something here for everyone!
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    For Kids 5-18: There are plenty of games and fun for most every child. You'll find Mazes, Spot the Differences, City Quests, MadLibs, and Match-ups.
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    Bonus: Your FunBook will include some Italian Words that will help you get through the city, as well as to show off your great manners!

The Florence FunBook contains

These great games & activities

Who's the Artist? ● Gems & Giants ● Medieval Matchup ● Florence BINGO ● House of Medici ● Heart of Florence ● What's the Difference? ● Smile when you say that ● Tuscan Grapevine ● Retella Lettera ● Palazzo Pecchio ● The Mad Monk ● Who am I ● Medici Mix-up ● Quotation Tiles ● Numero di Blocco ● Palazzo Vecchio BINGO ● Michelangelo MadLib ● Great American Italian Pizza ● Simply Speaking ● A Prince of a Man ● Florence Scramble ● Secret Vasari Corridor ● I LOVE Florence ● Artist Matchup ● Crossing Florence ● City Quest

The Venice FunBook contains

These great games & activities

Rialto Fish Maze ● San Marco Sestiere ● Gondola Sudoku ● What's the Difference? ● Going in Circles ● Hang Man ● Get me to the Church on Time ●Castello Sestiere ● My MadLib Summer Vacation ● Find the Quote ● Who am I ● Cannaregio Sestiere ● Bridge-Tack-Toe ● Museum Scramble ● San Polo Sestiere ● San Marco Bingo ●Great American Italian Pizza ● I LOVE Venice! ● Gargoyle Sudoku ● Casanova's Capers ● Venice Bingo ● Lion Hunt ● Santa Croce Sestiere ● Fine Me ● and more!

What others are saying about my FunBooks:

What a CLEVER THING for Tourists

I travel a lot, but I have never seen a FunBook for a City before. And I work in a bookstore! I can promise that I will take these along for my family on our next trip to Italy. And I know my customers will love them! Thank you, Patty!

MARY T.  //  Bookstore Manager

Kids can be challenging on a trip, but...

There is enough good stuff in these FunBooks to keep my son AND my hubby occupied, while still learning about our vacation. It really helped them to remember what they saw for a very long time to come. Great idea!

D. MORE  //  Mom

Great on the Plane

I have to make periodic trips to Italy for business, and these FunBooks help to 'shorten' the plane ride.

T. MILLER  //  Analyst

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