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Before we begin, please let us thank you in advance for reading this far. You see, we live in California which is very far away from Florence. This means that we cannot make a business appointment with you directly, so we must use this technology to communicate with you at the Four Seasons in Florence. 

California has so much in common with Italy, Californians are one of your largest and most repetitive visitors bases. Because we share a similar terrain, size, and climate, like you we grow fantastic fruits and vegetables, we are adamant about healthy foods, and we savor a wonderful meal with equally wonderful wines.

We have some pretty large industry segments here, such as Silicon Valley and Hollywood. And this means that we have plenty of wealth here. Given all of this, we travel often, we do global business, and we have high standards. Italy is a very comfortable destination for Californians, a natural place to go. So we do, often.

Thank you for getting this far, and if you haven't already done so, please begin by pressing PLAY on the video above.

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How to connect the FOUR SEASONS FIRENZE

We know why your guests visit your hotel: it is your Culture of Service. They will return time and time again because their demands are high, and their comfort is paramount. No other hotel offers your level of service as a culture.

"Florence is like NO OTHER CITY. When people come to Florence for the first time, they can be intimidated by centuries of history, art, and culture all in one little area."

So often, guests are led to the Uffizi for an afternoon. But what if they aren't really a 'museum person?' They will leave the city with no more than a distant memory. Our book asks them - up front - the kinds of things that will interest them, then it points them directly to it. So even if they had limited time, they got to see a Florence that was interesting for them.

When your guests come for Business reasons, they often have only a tiny bit of time to explore the city.


As a family of globe-trotting explorers, we find every excuse to hop on a plane and jet off to yet another unknown land - at least unknown to us. We understood early that we were not interested in traveling with the herds, the masses, the packs, the mobs, the crowds. 

We enjoy the prestige of individual attention, of a quiet atmosphere where we can recharge our minds and souls. We understand the value of a fine meal and a soothing glass of fine wine. 

We found a way to contribute to

your Service Culture

Meet Patty Civalleri. Patty is our multi-award-winning best-selling Author. She has been writing books about her favorite country, Italy. As a historian, Patty has visited hundreds of cities in the world and has read hundreds of travel books. But most of them were written for the mass tourism trade: where to eat & sleep & lounge. Never satisfied, Patty wrote a set of books for the Quality-driven, information-hungry, time-constrained traveler.

The elegance of her products and vision is surpassed by no other travel book on the market.

Patty knows that your guests have come to you under a wide variety of circumstances: some for business, some for holiday, some for education, and some are merely passing through. But no matter the reason, Patty has thought it through.

How can her books work with your Hotel?

Her book "FLORENCE Gems & Giants" was written specifically for your guests: ​

high-end, time-challenged professionals and their families.

Here is what we can do for you

We can change our book cover to yours!

And the inside will keep the same Award-Winning high quality content.

(NOTE: This is just a sample cover image. We will provide a cover that will suit your Corporate Brand and Style.)

Why is this good for the FOUR SEASONS?

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    The service to your guests is unrivaled
    Your guests no longer have to contend with travel books that were written for mass tourism; our books are brand new and were written with YOUR GUEST in mind: intelligent, fast, ultra-visual, deeply educational about the heart of Florence, but easy to understand
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    The unstated prestige of YOUR OWN BOOK us unmatched
    How many hotels in Florence have the world's latest award-winning book to assist their guests? This goes a long way to improving the image of your Florence hotel without seeming to boast
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    The local Clout is unparalleled
    This is a highly unusual item in the hospitality industry, anywhere in the world, let alone in Florence. This book will make an excellent executive and marketing calling card where ever your representatives go.

What Can You Do With These Books?

  • A Gift to your Prestige Guests
    Your best guests will instantly feel the love when you help them through your city in the privacy of their own room.
  • Perhaps as an in-room Purchase
    This book was awarded as the 2017 BEST INTERNATIONAL TRAVEL BOOK. Your guests will instantly feel the quality and want to take it out of the room and into the city.
  • Offer to all Conferences
    This high-quality statement piece can be bundled into the cost of the conferences in your hotel. And your attendees will simply say, "Of course. This is the Four Seasons Hotel."
  • Place in your Lobby 
    HoWhile they wait in your lobby, make it easy to for visitors to quickly learn about the city. They will want to purchase one from your store!
  • An Excellent Public-Relations Tool
    From Trade Shows to Business Meetings to Civic Events, nothing will leave a better impression than YOUR OWN BOOK! It will make the perfect calling card!

How can we make this offer?
Because the Publishing Company, 1-Take MultiMedia, is owned by our family!

That's right. We are the 1-Take MultiMedia Publications company, and we have been serving our partners and clients for over 20 years with an excellent reputation. We love our partners, and we take all of our business relationships very seriously. We are very proud of our creative ability to invent new ways of helping our partners to stand apart in new innovative ways, with new innovative product offerings.

Now we would like to Partner with You

Here it is: YOUR OWN BOOK

We have streamlined the process to make it quite simple for you to have your own book.

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    We will design a Cover (front AND back) that will suit your own Corporate Brand Preferences
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    We will print your message inside the front cover - in full color!
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    Your books will arrive to Florence in 4-5 weeks from the time of purchase.

Please order a free Sample

Please understand that there is no obligation from you. But we think that we would make a perfect partner for the Four Seasons Florence because of our knowledge of your American market, and our true love for your beautiful Florence.

Patty Civalleri, Author
Patty Civalleri

Author, Italy Travel Books

About the Author

"As a historian, I have sifted through ancient history to find its fun and exciting points. As an Author, I have found the way to blend those points with the natural mood of a vacation traveler: relaxed intelligent discovery. I have found a way to make the history of a city compelling, not boring.

With Italy, I have created a line of books that will take travelers to the heart of a city - the things that truly make a city important. In the case of Florence, it is the Renaissance. Visitors laugh, cry, and experience that 'AHA' feeling throughout their entire visit. And they will have fun as they walk the streets feeling as though they are the first person to ever discover the "Michelangelos" of Italy's past.

Most travel guidebooks are about discovering where to eat, drink, and sleep during a trip. Instead of merely eating and drinking their way through Italy, my readers are coming home with a strong sense of accomplishment - in addition to a full belly.

Let me introduce you to a new way to see travel and discovery during your next trip to Italy, and to return home from an important destination with something more lasting than a hangover.

My name is Patty Civalleri, and I wrote these books to connect on a deeper level with your hotel guests."

What People Are Saying About This Book

“This is a game changer for travellers...”

“With no direct competition in the travel guidebook arena, this book is a game-changer for travellers that want to know more than simply where to eat or drink. I can say that Patty always has a smile on her face; she put this smile on every page of the book."

Dr. Zahi Hawass
~ Egyptian Minister of Antiquities (retired), Archaeologist, National Geographic Explorer in Residence, Author

The dazzling photos and clear, concise text make for a great read!"

"Ms. Civalleri takes the reader on a virtual walk through the ancient walled city, pointing out people and places, sharing the tales and trivia of the place that defined the Renaissance. The dazzling photos and clear, concise text make for a great read!"

Dr. Jane Close-Conoley
~ President California State University in Long Beach, Professor of Psychology

It should be in the hands of everyone who visits Florence, and wants to see and understand its magic."

"This book is extremely useful for students as well as holiday adventurers. It should be in the hands of everyone who visits Florence, and wants to see and understand its magic. My wife and I have already been to Florence, but now are looking forward to returning – this time with your book in our hands."

Professor Christopher Donnan
~ Archaeologist, Professor at UCLA University of Southern California in Los Angeles

Why Not Another Book? Why Our Book?

Other Travel Books

As you already know, the standard travel industry books are written by many writers, using "templates." They are directed at the mass public traveler. They focus on the same top places to visit, the same top restaurants, the same top hotels with the same bargain prices. And mobs of people flock all together.

But we both know that your guests are not like the typical traveler. They don't want the same things, they don't want to eat at the same touristy restaurants, and they don't want to huddle with masses of strangers while they attempt to enjoy your city. They will not understand the depth of your city.

Our Travel Books

Our books were all written by Patty Civalleri. Patty is a historian who specializes in archaeology. She is a world class photographer and writer, and she visited your city with no pre-conceived notions as to how the book should be written. She simply waited for Florence to beckon until she fell in love with your beautiful city. It is with this personal love and historical expertise that she wrote her very visual award-winning books. And your guests will immediately know the difference in quality! They will hear her voice as she explains the real meaning of the Florentine Renaissance that changed the world - forever.


  • 2017 1st Place BOOK OF THE YEAR (International IAN Award)
  • 2017 1st Place BEST OVER-ALL NON-FICTION BOOK OF THE YEAR (International IAN Award)
  • 4 more awards: 2017 BEST TRAVEL BOOK OF THE YEAR

How Will We Purchase US products from Italy?

Here's how the Transaction Works:

We have made it as simple as possible to do business together. We want you to know that we respect your concerns, and we have taken steps to ensure our mutual safety in every transaction. We use a Licensed and Certified online company called Please visit their website and notice that they have transacted over $3.5 billion dollars in funds over the past 20 years. 

Once a purchase has been made,

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    You will wire transfer the funds into an Account at
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    We will design and produce the books (at our expense) as agreed in the purchase order; you will receive a digital proof of the new book for your approval
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    The books will be shipped to your facility
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    When you accept the shipment of the books, the Escrow company will transfer your money to us.
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