Venice Flood p- Saint Mark's Square

FLOOD CAUSES HAVOC IN BELOVED ISLAND CITY BY PATTY CIVALLERI Recent dramatic photographs and headlines regarding the flooding of the city of Venice, Italy, are causing global speculation as to the long-term outlook for the iconic city. Heavy winds, dramatically high tides, a sudden change in air pressure, and an incomplete underwater tidal barrier system […]


What Was the Italian Renaissance?

Florence archway

Simply stated, the Renaissance was a series of events that triggered the end of the Dark Ages, aka, the Middle Ages. Loosely speaking, think of the Dark Ages as people who’s thoughts and deeds were limited to the rules of the church and/or their local rulers. They couldn’t speak their minds openly, or anything else. […]


The Secret to Writing

Patty Civalleri, Author

RESOLUTION: I WILL WRITE AND PUBLISH 2 BOOKS THIS YEAR – but HOW? People often ask me how I manage to get any writing done with this crazy lifestyle of mine. It’s easy. I just sit down and write. I don’t think about it, I don’t put pressure on it. I just sit down and […]


VENICE: Hacking St. Mark’s Square

view from St Mark's Square, Venice

Everyone that visits Venice will go to St. Mark’s Square, period. And you must as well. But how can you do it differently than the millions of selfie-taking tourists while garnering food for your brain and staying cool to boot? Most consider St. Mark’s Square to consist of the Basilica, the Doges’ Palace, and the […]

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