PATTY CIVALLERI is an author of cultural history-related travel books for the glorious ancient cities of Italy. She partners with Tour Operators and, Travel Agents that serve the luxury end of the Italy travel industry. ​

After 17 years on the Director's Council of the Cotsen Inst of Archaeology at UCLA, Patty traveled around the globe in search of lost and ancient cultures, which has made her an expert traveler. Civalleri speaks at public events to help promote the Italian historical and travel interest, and she offers these Travel-with-the-Author excursions for those that wish to travel deeper into Italy, to know more about its heart, and to enjoy a highly experiential vacation!

Here's What You'll Get...

Intellectual LUXURY

Globally award-winning Author PATTY CIVALLERI can be available to join you during your trip. {Schedule dependent, of course.} She will pop in to provide you with great background stories, wonderful advice, and she may even host a few "Prosecco with Patty" parties at 5pm in open-air rooftop lounges! All the while, you'll be absorbing some of the coolest parts of Man's history: The Renaissance, The Baroque, Art History, Architecture, Ancient Symbolism, The Roman Empire, The Papacy, The Middle Ages, and so much more. Because the greatest history either began in Italy or was centered in Italy. 

Deep DISCovery

The HEART of ITALY and the places that are hidden from the vast majority of tourists are yours for the enjoyment! Patty has spent more time getting to know Italy than, well, Italians! Think about it: how many secret spots and people do you know in the major cities where you live? In order for her to write these books, she has had to dig deeper than most ever would! You will have so many 'Aha!' moments that your head will spin! Be prepared to laugh, enjoy Italian wine, and exercise your brain cells. You will come home feeling great about your trip! 


QuestionS About Italy?

For the travellers that have been to Italy and loved it enough to return, Patty will take you deeper. You now have tough questions? She LOVES tough questions! Her background in Italian history and archaeology give her to paint Italy with a broad brush, if you will. But boring academics? NOT a CHANCE! You will be having so much fun that you won't realize how much you have absorbed. And it's all AMAZING!

Mega-Elite Dreams

For the travellers that want it all, our partners can give you access to Private Planes, Helicopters, Yachts and Villas. The sky is not the limit! Is your privacy a concern? Patty has partnered with some of the finest Travel Professionals in Europe who are aligned with out-of-the-way hideouts and private security. In all cases, you will get to continue your dream in the safety and splendor of Italy.

Totally Experiential

Patty will see to it that you learn how to paint like Michelangelo. Or to meet the only people in the world that are allowed to touch a Raphael as they restore valuable art at the top of a Church Dome; or go on a Truffle hunt, then have a Tuscan chef prepare them up for you; don a hard-hat and enter an archaeological dig site in Rome that 2,000 years ago, that once was the grand palace of Emperor Nero. It doesn't matter what you enjoy, you will find it in Italy. 

Here's How it Works...

YOU TELL US How you prefer to travel

ACCOMMODATIONS: Hotels, Suites or Villas

TRANSPORT: Train/Bus, Private Car, Air

ACTIVITIES: Big Main Sites, Less trodden, totally Experiential, City, Country, Beach

INTERESTS: Food/Wine, History/ Archaeology, or Just the sites please

We will pair you with a Trusted Agent

PATTY CIVALLERI has partnered with an exclusive list of EXCELLENT Trusted Travel Agencies that will be perfectly aligned to your preferences. This will save you the time and trouble of seeking one out for yourself. So far, you have spent zero dollars! 

Go to Italy &
Have a blast!

According to your wishes, your new Agent will create a plan for you, which will include as much off-time and free-time as you wish. See the sites & wander around on your own. Because who wants to work during their entire vacation?

Patty's Books & Accessories


While everyone else is spending their vacations in lines at the same crowded restaurants & bars, you’ll be:

• Finding out who the Pirate Pope was
• Avoiding the Plague Doctor
• Executing a Mad Monk
• Seeing where Michelangelo hid from Prison - for 3 months!
• Visiting Dante’s lost Love
• Getting drunk with Bacchus
• Worshipping Skulls
• Walking through the Gates to Paradise
• Adoring Botticelli
• Dining with the Medici
• Finding da Vinci’s lost painting
• Igniting the Bonfire of the Vanities
• Getting high with your Camera
• Crying for Raphael
• Knowing the best places for Selfies

Best of all, you will discover the true heart of Florence - not just how to eat & drink your way through your vacation.


This book will entice you with hundreds of ways to unlock the secrets of Venice. While everyone else is standing around staring, you will:

• Wander from the crowds
• Take a selfie with a gargoyle
• Drink a Spritz while standing up
• Fill your bottle with water from a campo well
• Eat Baccalà
• Learn to make glass
• Enter the Tombs of San Zaccaria
• Find the secret Red Escalator for the best view of the Grand Canal
• Eat & Shop like a Local (not a tourist)
• Get High with your Camera
• Visit an ancient Monastery •
Find the Catacombs under San Simeone
• Learn to make perfume; Learn to make Lace
• Climb the spiral Bovolo Tower
• See an Opera; See a Play; Find Shakespeare
• Locate Short Gondola lines
• Hold hands on a sunset waterfront

Above all, you will get lost in this wondrous labyrinth city, and come out only when it is time to go home. Fall in love with the ancient wonder that still exists in our modern world. This book fills the travel book gap with fun new ways to go back in time to the medieval days of “La Serenissima,” the Most Serene Republic of Venice.


How do you find new and unusual things to do in Rome? This book gives you the Keys to the secret past of this Ancient City.

• You’re familiar with the Trevi Fountain? Now you can go underground to visit the ancient aquifer that still feeds it!

• You’re familiar with the Forum? Now you can go across the street and climb through the nearly complete ruins of Trajans’ ancient Marketplace! • You’re familar with Piazza Navona? Now you can go under it to see what was there before: an ancient Sports Arena!

• You’re familiar with the Colosseum? A 5-minute walk will take you to Michelangelo’s “Moses,” his own favorite sculpture!

The list goes on and on. Don’t just visit the big super-crowded sites. Visit the ancient archaeological sites that are now open for your visit. Most of them are uncrowded, away from the heat, and will fascinate your imagination. At the end of the day, GET HIGH! Patty has researched the best rooftop bars and restaurants in the city so you can cool down, escape the crowds, and enjoy the GREATEST VIEWS of the City. Now, THIS is the way to see ROME!


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