Why is "DAVID" so famous?

From the Author

As a historian and a global archaeology professional, I have sifted through ancient history to find its fun and exciting points. As an Author & Photographer, I have found ways to blend those points with the natural mood of a vacation traveler: Relaxed Visual Discovery.

With Italy, I have created a series of books that will take you to the heart of a city - the things that truly make that city important. You will laugh, cry, and experience that 'AHA' feeling throughout your entire visit!

Let my books help you to see Italy like no other book can do!

Dr. Zahi Hawass
Former Minister of Egyptian Antiquities, Travel Book Author (45+ books), Archaeologist

"With no direct competition in the travel guidearena, this is a game-changer for travellers that want to know more than simply where to eat or drink. I can say that Patty always has a smile on her face; she put this smile on every page of the book."

Dr. Jane Conoley
President, Cal State Univ in Long Beach

"Ms. Civalleri takes the reader on a virtual walk through the ancient walled city, pointing out people and places, sharing the tales and trivia of the place that defined the Renaissance. The dazzling photos and clear, concise text make for a great read!"

Dr. Christopher Donnan
Anthropologist, Archaeologist, Professor, Author

"This book is extremely useful for students of as well as holiday adventurers. It should be in the hands of everyone who visits Florence, and wants to see and understand its magic."

"The book is more about what makes it famous, instead of only describing the restaurants and sightseeing schedules usually seen in travel books. Florence is rich in Renaissance history and the author throws light on that aspect too, making readers and travelers look at the city with a different perspective. Packed with a lot of information, it is a must-read for all those planning a visit to Florence. ...very different from any travel book you will get to read."

"I Absolutely Adored this book! Whether you have been to visit Florence or not, this is entertainment at it's best. Entirely factual, it tells the story of the amazing architecture and artworks still in existence in the city to this day, but also gives an in-depth and often humorous account of the famous historical figures to have contributed to the city since the dark ages. Undoubtedly my favourite book so far this year, and well deserving of five stars!"

"The extensive use of photographs and maps enlivens the text. Sidebars supply anecdotes, definitions, and brief topics.  Ultimately, Civalleri delivers on her promise to teach readers about Florence through its fun stories.

While this work looks like a traditional Florence guidebook, the author’s expert use of facts and illustrations sets it above the rest."

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